Backyard Abstract Art Paver

$ 125.00

Entice family and guests into your garden, or onto your patio deck or porch with the movement of abstract art. Abstract art known for lack of a subject, still conveys emotions. Our unique mosaic paver is designed with various types of black, red and green stained glass, completed with glass gems and ceramic tiles.. Sealed for outdoor enjoyment this durable, weather resistant, yet portable paver can be easily moved to accent any area of your home or outdoor living space. 

Blackscape creates unique Black art that connects you to who you are wherever you are.

 Approximate Dimensions:  Paver is 8" x 16" rectangle. Each paver is sealed for your outdoor enjoyment or beautiful display in your home.

Product Warning: Handle carefully.   Pavers could weight more than 20 lbs.; mosaics may contain sharp edges and uneven surfaces.

Product Care: Due to various climates it is recommended that outdoor art, wedi board & porcelain tiles are taken indoors at first sign of freeze as materials may be fragile to freeze and thaw.

To Clean: Wipe with a damp cloth.

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