Ethnic Outdoor Paver Gye Nyame

$ 125.00

The Adinkra symbol for “Except for God,” represents the Supremacy of God in the visual language of the Ashanti Empire and other West African cultures. This 8” paver is as durable as it is beautiful, and so is an ideal accent piece for any area of your home or outdoor space. The Gye Nyame is completely custom designed using colorful, handcrafted adinkra ceramic tiles, allowing this paver to truly speak to your unique spirit.

Blackscape art is designed for enjoyment both indoors and outdoors. 

Blackscape now give you the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful art wherever you are, your home, office, deck, patio, terrace, front porch, or garden.

Approximate Dimensions:  8" x 8"; Paver weatherproof for your enjoyment outdoors or beautiful interior display.



Product Warning: Handle carefully. Could weight more than 5 lbs.; contains glass, do not run hand over surface, mosaics can contain sharp edges and uneven surfaces.



Product Care:  Due to various climates it is recommended that art is protected from inclement weather or taken indoors at first sign of freeze as materials may be fragile to freeze and thaw. 



To Clean: Dust and wipe with a damp cloth.



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