Baby Girl Pink & Green Backyard Paver

$ 55.00

The original Baby Girl backyard paver design is long-lasting, weather-resistant and timeless. It’s perfect to brighten your deck, patio or garden. Its fun, fabulous Venetian glass tile, wispy gray gray stained glass, and ceramic tile sets it far above other backyard paver designs in terms of both beauty, and character.

Blackscape art is designed for enjoyment both indoors and outdoors. 

Blackscape now give you the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful art wherever you are, your home, office, deck, patio, terrace, front porch, or garden.

 Approximate Dimensions: Paver is 12" x 12". Each paver is sealed for your outdoor enjoyment or beautiful display in your home.

Product Warning: Handle carefully.  Pavers could weigh more than 15 lbs.; do not run hand over surface; mosaics may contain sharp edges and uneven surfaces.

Product Care: Due to various climates it is recommended that outdoor art, wedi board & porcelain tiles are taken indoors at first sign of freeze as materials may be fragile to freeze and thaw.

To Clean: Wipe with a damp cloth.

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