What Members of the Blackscape Community Have to Say

About Their Purchases

I purchased 2 beautiful plaques from Joice more than six years ago. One was for my daughter and one for me. I placed one outside my front door as did my daughter. I still love it and still get comments about it. It is as lovely as the day I bought it.

Carol H., Wilmington, DE

My garden mosaic has held up for many intense winters without a crack or chip, and has also withstood intense summer sun, yet remains as vibrant today as when I first added it to the garden. I can prop it against a fence, or sturdy plant, and it fills the space with cheery color and design. And its colors, orange and green, add dash, no matter what I plant each year. I have never tired of seeing it peeping through the foliage.

Rest assured, it will be traveling to the Southwest when we move!

Carol T-W., Santa Fe, NM

I bought a Blackscape Studio mosaic piece because it was totally unique and unlike any other outdoor art I had ever seen. I love its teachable portrayal of African American history and culture, and its longevity. It makes me so proud to see our heritage displayed in such a beautiful piece that I’ve never seen replicated everywhere. I would definitely recommend Blackscape art, although once you see them, they speak for themselves.

 Thank you for following through on your dream, I’m sure you will bring joy into so many lives!

Connie Q., Wilmington, DE

I purchased my porcelain tile because I love the authentic look and feel of Blackscape Studio’s custom design. I placed it on my office conference table and it is a great conversation piece! I love the care and craftsmanship Joice puts into these products. Plus, I love supporting a local, African American business that produces authentic, unique products based on our culture. I would recommend Blackscape to any person who values authentic art of any kind.

I'm glad your products are available in Denver; your business adds value to our community.

Pastor Del P., Denver, CO

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I love my garden stones! They enhance any size garden as I have a small one. Even in winter when everything is gone, the garden still looks great because the beautiful stones remain!

Tanya T., Delware

I special ordered a garden stepping stone as a gift for a dear friend. I loved the uniqueness of the product. Joice was so friendly and helpful, and made the process so easy! I would recommend Blackscape Studio garden products. Their design brings beauty to any space.

K. Dennis, Texas