Our Uniqueness

Walk into your outdoor space and enjoy lawn and garden art that transcend time and space to represent a unique and distinctive culture and lifestyle. 

We've perfected the art of blending African history with American experiences to bring you historical Adinkra symbols "House of Peace", one of the most recognized symbols of faith  "The Old Rugged Cross" and a glimpse of nature "Red Roses".

In the past, garden art was limited to cute, whimsical, charming and mystical.  

Now, let outdoor art renew your connection with African culture and heritage. 

Each custom designed, uniquely handcrafted accent displays beautifully in your home.

  • One of a kind mosaic designs that bring African-American culture and traditions to your outdoor living space. 
  • Your design and color scheme expressed with your own custom mosaic.  
  • Celebrate your faith with a mosaic stepping stone adorned with the Christian Cross. It's the perfect gift to bless the home of a new homeowner.

  • Enjoy a beautiful mosaic tile bearing the continent of Africa. 
  • Taking a new look at the expressions of "outdoor abstract art".

Imagine strolling through your garden or sitting in your outdoor space and seeing these historical African Adinkra symbols, the Christian cross, and other images inspired by the cultures that inspire you.  

Bring these proud Adinkra traditions and art into your own home to your garden today. Call Joice Thomas at 303-437-5893 for more information.