About Mosaic Art

Mosaic is the ancient art of creating an image by assembling small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials, known as tessarae, into a pattern. 

The earliest known mosaics were created more than 4000 years ago, in the 3rd Millenium BC in Abra, Mesopotamia, of shells ivory, pottery, and stones. 

Typically thought of as a decorative art or interior decoration, mosaics have been used to create art in many forms, including still life, landscapes, nature and animals. Skill mosaic artists are even capable of creating realistic portraits. 

Historically, mosaic artisans crafted their work from stone, ceramic shells, ivory, or pebbles. Modern crafts persons have added art glass, bottle fragments, pearls, buttons, and other odd objects to their repertoire.

Ancient mosaics were often of architectural scale, but modern mosaics are used to beautify park benches, murals, flower pots, guitars, and – here at Blackscape Studio – tiles, planters and sculptures.

Transforming the rich tapestry of the African-American experience into beautiful mosaic art.

"Yellow Princess" 

"Pink Ribbon"

"Green African Mask" 

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