What is an Artist Statement? November 16 2016

“And now I will present to some and introduce to others …….” 

How often have you heard these words during an introduction? An introduction can be written or verbal, and is the primary way that we learn more about a person, object or subject, especially if that person or object is a public figure such as a musician, artist or author.

Consider going to the theater, buying a book or piece of music, or maybe going to an art show or lecture. You want to get more information about the person, object or subject before you make your purchase. One of the first steps you take is to look for some kind of information that will answer these questions: “what the show is about,” what are the qualifications of the speaker, artist, or writer," or "what is the subject of this book?"

So how do you get an introduction or get the information you seek?

We get it from an introduction, as explained here by Toastmasters International:

“Ideally, a social introduction should accomplish several things” Toastmasters International: The Speaker is, How to Introduce:

  • Focus the audience's attention on what is to come;
  • Create an interest in the topic and the speaker;
  • Briefly tell why the speaker is qualified to speak on the subject.

Regardless the situation, there is usually a written introduction explaining it; theater has a playbill; music has an album or cd cover; books have a forward; artists have an “Artists Statement." If done effectively, an introduction stokes your interest to see the movie, hear the music, read the book, hear the speaker, or see an artist’s work.

An “Artist Statement” Is the Introduction to an Artist.

Our specific interest here is the Artist Statement.

An Artist Statement is used to give the public and organizers of an art show information regarding the artist and their genre of work. An artist’s statement answers who an artist is, what they do, and why they do it.  

Art shows are often juried, meaning the artist must submit slides or photographs of their work to be reviewed by a jury (a knowledgeable committee) to assess the artist's technical skill, creativity, the medium, and any other pertinent requirements. 

Show organizers typically request that artists submit a statement conforming to specific word limitations and including specific information pertaining in particular to the show in question. It is usually recommended to write several versions (short 75 words, medium 100 words and long 155 words) to be presented upon request. To that end, I wrote three versions of my “Artist Statement."

Now I’d Like to Present to Some and Introduce to Others Joice Thomas, Mosaic Artist.

"I enjoy making art because I can express myself and show my creativity. I enjoy making mosaic art in particular because I love the beauty and responsiveness of glass; I get excited when the assembly of tousled glass elements results in an unparalleled image. 

My inspirations are my experiences in the spirited African-American community and my need to connect with my culture. 

I use a palette of stained glass, ceramic and glass nuggets to create my mosaic art which is unlike any other mosaic art. I blend my mosaic art with factual and whimsical nuances of the African-American lifestyle, design it with an affinity for African-American culture, and create it to be enjoyed either indoors or outdoors.

My art expresses the characteristics and essence of African-American history and I’m attached to each piece. 

I design my art to go beyond a visual presentation for enjoyment. My goal is to educate about mosaic art in general terms, and at the same time, to celebrate African-American history.


You are invited to view more of my art at Blacksape Studio.