Politics, Religion and Sex! October 26 2016

I have reached the point of election fatigue and enough, is enough!

  • In this nasty, endless political season, the likes our country has never seen before – and hope to never see again – your political choice is your right, exercise it.
  • Discussions surrounding religion are often shunned to avoid offending others. Religion in this country is a constitutional right and a personal choice; respect it and practice it!
  • Sex is nature, natural and personal; the use of the word or the discussion of the act is acceptable for some and offensive for others. It’s their choice, respect it!

What ever happened to the law of reciprocity that says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” Whether you learned it as a Bible verse or as a Golden Rule, remember it!



Let's stop the madness.

For the sake of humankind, enough is ENOUGH!