Food, Family, Friends: My African-American Mosaic Art Inspiration! January 15 2016

Happy New Year, the Christmas holiday is over; I enjoyed the time off and I survived all the food, family and friends.  

I smile as I think about the wonderful time spent with family, friends and neighbors. We cooked and ate a lot of food – both traditional and old favorites, and  tried some new dishes we may keep around as well. And the African-American mosaic art inspired by my time spent with family and friends over the holidays has truly nourished my creativity.

All of the food was delicious because the one thing my family does well… is cook good!

We add a few pepper flakes, a clove or two of garlic, chopped onions or bell pepper. The seasonings are tangy, peppery, delicate, sweet and smooth; some aromatic and some pungent. And as we add a little of this and a lot of that, it results in a very tasty dish. We enjoy cooking with different herbs and spices, as when all the spices and flavors blend together the dish becomes even more delicious.

And when I think about how these different spices flavor a dish to make it great, I contemplate how the colorful mix of personalities and characteristics of the folks who surround me adds a delicious dash of spice and personality to my community. And this unique community is what inspires my drive to create beautiful african-american mosaics.

My community is much like food; the presentation is much nicer with a variety of colors and flavors.

The men, women and children are like herbs and spices. While some are spicy, others are delicate and sweet. Sometimes we use a different seasoning that will result in a distinct, yet delectable flavor. The traits and uniqueness of this eclectic group of people are the inspiration for the designs in the community section of the Blackscape.

Our images represent men of strength and leadership, wise and beautiful women with style and sizzle, and the playfulness and spontaneous of children.

Allow me to introduce my community to you through these African-American mosaic stepping stones

Brotha Man
The leaders and protectors of our community are represented by the image of Brotha Man. Along with Mr. Man and other images of powerful males, they represent the builders of families and communities; they demonstrate examples of trust, honesty and integrity for this generation. Honor the men in your life with these images of Mr. Man in your outdoor space or your home.

     Li'l Man

    Little Man in the neighborhood stands on a strong foundation built upon the people in his community to whom he looks up. His image represents play and mischief, as he is well mannered, helpful and respectful. The image of Lil Man on a stepping stone or porcelain tile will be perfect in the middle of your flower bed.

     Mizz Lady

    Mizz Lady’s image captures the essence of beauty, respect, sophistication and style. Mizz Lady is a nurturer in the community, setting the example of a wise woman. The image of Mizz Lady represents all things good in the community. Place a Mizz Lady stepping stone or porcelain tile anywhere in your outdoor living space to add color and style.

     Sistah Gurl

    Add fiery spice to your community with the sizzle and soul of Sistah Gurl. Nothing is boring about Sistah Gurl who keeps it real. The image of Sistah Gurl will bring pizazz and interest to any corner or special place in your outdoor space or in your home.

     Sister Girl

    Sister Girl is the different spice that makes our dish uniquely sweet. A diverse community allows us to celebrate our differences and similarities and makes us stronger. Sister Girl and Sistah Gurl represent this diversity; the images of either or both will add the perfect flavor to your outdoor space.

     Baby Girl

    The Baby Girl image was inspired by the charming playful manner and simplicity of a child with no worries of the world. It’s the sweet flavor of goodness; Baby Girl’s image represents the fun and liveliness of our community. Place this image among your colorful flowers and it will truly put a smile on your face.


    As our families and communities continue to grow, change, and evolve, what is exciting and fun for me is to think about meeting more people from different places, backgrounds and ages who will bring their uniqueness and each will contribute to who we are.

    As my community and surroundings were the inspiration for the “Lifestyle Collection,” I look forward to capturing in design, more images of exceptional people in the community. I’m sure they will make for a colorful palette of stained glass images and beautiful, inspiring African-American mosaic art.

    So please come back and check us out. 

    And Happy New Year from Blackscape Outdoor Living!

    Presidents Complexions Seniors