Blackscape Mosaics October 15 2015

A Matter of the Heart

How far away do you to go to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors, breathe in fresh air and the fragrance of flower beds, gardens, shrubs, and trees? In today’s busy world, it often seems like these qualities of life are a million miles from home.

There’s no need for you to go far any longer. You can put your feet up and relax, dine alfresco, look at the twinkling stars, and enjoy the coolness of the evening – all from the comfort of your own backyard, front porch, patio, deck, or terrace.

A Handcrafted Outdoor Living Space Begins with Blackscape Outdoor Living

I handcraft garden art, including mosaic stepping stones, mosaic porcelain tiles, painted terra-cotta pots and decoupage terra-cotta pots for your outdoor and in-home enjoyment. My goal is to help you create a more colorful, stimulating and attractive space for your outdoor enjoyment.

Blackscape Outdoor Living was created as a result of my desire to see outdoor art that was specific to my culture. I enjoy being outdoors and wanted to take my culture outdoors, but there was little outdoor art that filled the exceptional, culturally specific, and aesthetically pleasing vision I had for my backyard space.

I sought garden statues of children with African-American features; I searched for stepping stones, tiles, and clay pots painted in bright colors with ethnic patterns and designs, but came up short in my quest.

To fulfill my passion for this art, I realized I would have to bring these items and artifacts into being myself. I began by began creating what I envisioned would be a space full of African history, references to our African-American lifestyle, culture, and faith – to capture the true flavor of my community.

Inspirations and Education

My passion for mosaic art began with the purchase of a garden mosaic book from a craft and hobby store. It was a great book because it covered the disciplines, fundamental techniques of art, patterns and design; it was vital to building my basic skills.

I’ve had the good fortune to learn stained glass and mosaics from some of the finest mosaic artists across the country. I’ve studied and learned at Bella Mosaics, Philadelphia, Reflections Stained Glass, Wilmington, DE, Bella Glass Studio and Glass Warehouse, both in Denver, CO. I continued my study with ceramic tiles at the Arvada Arts Center, in Arvada, CO.

I look forward to tips and tidbits I’ll pick up as a member of Colorado Mosaic Artists.

Symbols of Culture and Faith

Our mosaics include Adinkra symbols from west Ghana, West Africa – created by the Akan – which represent concepts relating to our lives, our environment and our faith.


I also find inspiration in African American culture and have created works that represent the diversity and beauty of our people including Brotha Man, Lil Man, Mizz Lady, Sistah Gurl and Baby Girl.  


While the Adinkra symbols represent some of my earliest inspiration, and while the Christian Cross is the current symbol of faith in our collection, I respect all faiths, and am happy to create a custom design representing your faith tradition or community.

 Cindy 8" Cross

Bringing these stepping stones, tiles and pots home to your outdoor space will make it a special place to be, enhancing your outdoor living space, generating conversations, and honoring the traditions and faith of your community in beautiful and enjoyable ways. Make a gift to yourself, your family, or your friends.

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