The Perfect Storm June 14 2016

Today is the 6th day of the month and my June edition of Musings is due to the editor by June 8 for a June 15 publish and I have no idea of what I’m going to write. It’s “The Perfect Storm!” Usually I write my blog weeks in advance of the due date, then spend a day or two “tweaking” it; not this month!

Frankly, I have given little to no thought of a subject matter or title. The act of writing is not the problem, my biggest challenge is deciding what to write. So I find myself in this quandary, asking myself the question “what happened?” What is the reason that I have not written my June Blog, or given it much thought? In my circle I’m known as the closer. If a job is assigned to me you know that it will get done; period. Not half done, not the day before it is due done, not just done, or barely made it done.

How I Got Here

I generate blog subjects and titles in several ways; I take a lot of pride in the titles, subjects and content that have been inspirational, instructional, educational, informative and funny. Sometimes I have a subject I want to share and I research for qualified support and references; other times I like to play around with word antonyms, synonyms or rhyming words that eventually become subjects or titles. This month I did none of the above, and here I am, on the eve of June 8 with no subject or title to blog. What happened?

Every month between blogs we have the standard, usual list of things that we do or/and need to have done. This month as been the month where an overwhelming number of situations came to their various heads all at once. A Perfect Storm is defined as a ”particularly bad or critical state of affairs, arising from a number of negative and unpredictable factors.” In my case this month the negative and unpredictable factors were essentially everything needing to be done at the same time. This month everything either began, continued or ended; a month of highs and lows; I had fun times and difficult times.

My Routine and Its Discontents

Since the last blog, I have trudged through the day-to-day routine of life alongside a month of my typical activities: family, work and projects. There have been birthdays, graduations and other celebrations. My family celebrates, not necessarily hard, but we celebrate big. A birthday party means a homemade cake decorated with the usual “Happy Birthday” and candles, family, friends, gifts and a meal. A continuation, from kindergarten to first grade, or from middle school to high school is another time of celebration balloons and a meal. I had two short, over-the-weekend vacations, and you can always count on work projects ramping up just as your get your “to do” list completed.

Home, house and yard projects are never ending; there are always things that must be done. I had bathroom renovation, carpet laid and hardwood floor installed. I had the pulling off and putting away of winter tarps, pulling out and putting on spring cushions, digging soil and planting flowers, cleaning the yard and washing down the patio.

Oh yeah! I was also designing and creating Stained Glass Art and Terra-Cotta Pots.


An Opportunity in Disguise

Now along with the usual day-to-day, came the period of unexpected circumstances and challenges that were out of our control. Mine included illnesses and loss of family and friends. It is often the challenges in life that impact us the most and cause us to reflect on all that is around us. It helps us put things into perspective and assess what is important and what is not important. A specific amount of time is allotted to each a minute, hour, day, week, month and year; and there are only so many things that can be done or accomplished in that given time. Some things will get done and others just won’t. To hold onto my sanity, I had to postpone some activities and projects, and totally let go of others.

This blog and you, my readers, are important to me; that is why I decided to share with you my experiences of the last month or so, and the fresh perspective I’m taking from them.

While these circumstances can easily disrupt your usual routine, they can also present a chance to step back, review the situation, and think hard about what is really important to you. You may be surprised to learn that some of the tasks you believed to be of vital importance, are less critical than you had assumed, while others offer greater reward than you might have imagined.


I’m pleased to report that I didn’t jump ship when it came to my blogging this month. Writing it has been rejuvenating, and has provided a bit of an escape (that I needed badly) during a stressful month, allowing me to reflect upon my routine in a new and creative way.

So I can face the next 30 days until we speak again with the strength and satisfaction of having successfully ridden out the Perfect Storm.

Have a great month!