10 Reasons Blackscape Studio Art is Unparalleled September 19 2016

If you enjoy spending time on your patio or garden, you probably appreciate the little touches that beauty, personality, and culture can add to your outdoor experience. Blackscape Studio  provides some of the most unique, beautiful, and interesting ways to bring your culture outside.

If you've been holding off on picking up a piece of outdoor art to accent your outdoor spaces, I'd like to offer you a few reasons to take the plunge!

Read on to discover 10 reasons our mosaic pieces are absolutely unparallelled!

  1. Each piece of art is a “One of a Kind” design that is distinctive, special, and unique; if I've signed it, you can be assured that no two designs are exactly alike.
  1. Each work of art is “Original”, created personally by me, not by anyone else. It is the one and only of its design; there are no copies or lesser editions. 

"Designed with your choice of colors"

  1. Each piece of art is designed “Beautifully and Colorfully,” capturing the essence of the soul.”


  1. “Handcrafted," each by my own hands just for you. Nothing is mass produced in a factory in a faraway place!


"Custom Orders are Welcome"

  1. Each work of art is “Quality” designed with superior commercial grade materials resulting in superb durability and strength.
  1. Designs reflect and honor African” history and heritage.


  1. Each design has its own “Artistic Personality” that speaks quietly to your soul!
  1. Designed featuring “African-American” eclectic lifestyles and affiliations.

  1. Blackscape Studio art presents “African and African-American Culture and Art," through the medium of stained glass!


  1. Blackscape Studio believe in and provide “Customer First” Customer Service.

Please browse our catalog to discover even more reasons to take African-American culture outdoors!